Head Coach Dr. Teresa Alentejano has superb credentials.  Teresa is a certified Canada Level 3 Coach and FINA A judge.  In this capacity she has participated at numerous international events such the Pan American Games, World Championships and two Olympic Games: the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. Teresa holds a PhD in Physical Education and thought at the University of Alberta.  She is the Head Coach of the University of Alberta Synchronized Swim Club, which she established in 2006.  She served multiple tenures as the Head Coach of the Brazillian Junior National Team. From 2002 to 2005 Teresa was the Head Coach of the Edmonton Aurora.  During that time two club members made National teams.  She was the 2011 recipient of Synchro Alberta's award to the Alberta coach, selected by their peers, recognized to have contributed the most to the growth and development of coaches in the province in that season.  Teresa also served on the Board of Synchro Alberta in the capacity of Swimmer Development Chair.   Teresa is passionate about all aspects of the sport.  She has a team of well-qualified coaches that help her deliver great programming.

Team coaches


Alex has a degree in Elementary Education. She has been swimming competitively for over 15 years. She has been coaching with Excel since 2013 and typically coaches provincial stream teams. In her free time she enjoys swimming and spending time with friends and family.



Camille is currently studying at the University of Alberta a Bachelor of Kinesiology. She swam for 9 years, 4 of which were at the national level. Camille loves coaching because she finds watching the swimmers grow individually and as a team very rewarding. This is her 4th year coaching.


Jenna has been coaching synchronized swimming since 2013. She participated as a swimmer in the sport for 11 years through team, duet and solo events. She has been coaching with Excel since 2014, and also coaches the Gold Team at the Edmonton AquaMasters. She takes an interest in cheer leading and competing with her school. 

Liz S.

Liz S. has been involved with synchro for 20 years. She has a Kinesiology degree and is a CSEP- Personal Trainer. She had been selected as part of the coaching staff for Synchro Alberta's Provincial Teams that attended US Open, UANA Pan Ams, and SYNC in the past. Coaching is her passion. She believes that working hard can be fun.



Morgan has been swimming for 10 years, including 2 with Excel. She is studying Kinesiology at the U of A and competes with the U of A synchro club. She coaches pre-competitive and provincial stream swimmers. In her free time she enjoys running and weight lifting. 



Xenia has been coaching with Excel since 2013 and is in the process of completing her competition development certification. She has, in the past, also worked with the Edmonton Aquamasters; therefore coaching athletes with a range in age from 7 to 60+ all in one week. She is passionate about the sport, particularly in teaching and emphasizing strong fundamentals, using proper technique and evidence based practices to achieve results. She also has a Masters degree in Pharmacology and works in clinical research at the University of Alberta Hospital. In her free time she enjoys yoga, volunteering, hiking, and traveling. 


Erin has graduated from the U of A and works as a Performance Consultant. She brings to coaching the unique perspective of her professional work and helps our swimmers build confidence, increase their communication skills, develop leadership, and improve attitude toward stress and worry.  She's been a swimmer herself, has been coaching with Excel for since 2013, and has coached since 2006.



Gwen swam for 8 years, two of them were with Excel and two were on the Canadian Senior National team. She started university studying linguistics in Montreal and will be continuing at a school in Edmonton. Gwen likes coaching to help inspire young athletes to love the sport as much as she does. In her free time she enjoys swimming, painting and reading.



Amanda is studying Chemistry at University. She likes coaching because she enjoys seeing the smiles on her swimmer's faces when they achieve something. She enjoys swimming, curling and doing

Sessional coaches



Arden swam with Excel during the club's first year. She has also been coaching with Excel since the start of the club. She is studying Kinesiology at the U of A. She typically coaches national stream swimmers figure and also coaches extra routines.



Debbie loves coaching because it allows her to see young swimmers develop an appreciation and improve daily in a sport that she loves and was a big part of her life in her formative years. She has a degree in Anthropology and is back at school studying to become a social worker. 


Emily is in pre-med at the University of Alberta. She's been swimming for 9 years. In her free time she enjoys extreme outdoor sports like white water rafting and mountain biking.  Emily never found anything that captivates her as much as synchro does. She hopes to spark a love of the sport as deep as her own in her swimmers.

Pre competitive coaches



Chantal is passionate about swimming. She's been swimming since she was 10. She started coaching with Excel in 2016 while attending the U of A where she is taking Molecular Biology. She also loves reading, arts and dogs.


Rose swam competitively for many years and she joined the Excel coaching staff in 2017.  She has a major in Psychology and a minor in arts and design. In her free time she takes care of her pets: 3 ferrets and 3 dogs! She also enjoys painting , drawing and making stained glass portraits.


I've swam competitively for 6 seasons and counting and love synchro more than everything else. I want to help young swimmers discover how amazing synchro is. In my free time I like weightlifting and playing the piano.



Deb is studying Psychology at Concordia University. She swam Synchro competitively for 10 years. She typically coaches pre-competitive and provincial stream swimmers. In her free time she enjoys reading.