Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is your contact information?


Phone: 780 417 6439


Excel Synchro Club

P.O. Box 68204, R.P.O Bonnie Doon

Edmonton, Alberta, T6C 4N6

Q: Where are the registration forms?

A: Click here to download registration forms.

Q: Should I register as a Pre-Competitive or Provincial Stream?

A: Pre-Competitive programs are for young swimmers with no synchro experience and a limited swimming background. Strong swimmers with no experience in synchro are welcome on the 10 and under provincial stream teams. Very strong swimmers with no experience in synchro are welcome the Novice teams. 

Q:Who do I make cheques payable to ?

A: Excel Synchro Club

Q: My child is a strong swimmer. Can she/he skip the pre-competitive program and go straight to the competitive program?

A: Yes, she/he can. It depends on the level of the team she/he will be swimming with. It would be best if she/he participated on a trial basis so that coaches can assess her/his ability level.

Q: Is there a pre-competitive level in Beaumont?

A: Excel only offers a competitive program in Beaumont. Swimmers with no experience can register to swim competitively.

Q: Can my child try it out before joining to see if she/he likes it?

A: Yes, she/he can. Please come to one lesson at the pool of choice to try out our program.  Please contact us at  to arrange this. We will request that you to fill out the registration papers, health information and waivers (see our Registration Documents in the menu at the bottom of the page).

Q: Which age group will my child be swimming in for the 2019 -20 season?

A:  10 & under - Swimmers born in 2010 or younger  

      12 & under  - Swimmers born in 2008 & 2009

      13 to 15 – Swimmers born in 2007 to 2005

Novices - swimmers that never swam, independent of the age group

There are also teams that combine 2 age groups. If you are interested in one specific schedule, ask if the specific team can have combined age groups. 


 Q: Can my child register mid-season for the competitive program?

A: Yes, she/he can register until December, as long as there is a spot available on the team she/he qualifies for. 

Q: My child has basic swimming skills. Will she/he be strong enough to join the pre-competitive level?

A: The instructor will ask your child to swim for a bit to make sure she/he is strong enough to be part of the class. If she/he is not, the club will fully refund your registration.

Q: Can I register in the middle of a pre-competitive program?

A: If just a small number of classes have already been taught, it is fine. If 50% or more of the program has already taken place, we recommend you join the following session so as to get the best possible experience for your child.

Q: What do I need to bring for the first class?

A:  A water bottle, a pair of goggles, a swim suit and a towel. Please also fill out and bring the registration papers found at the bottom of this page.

Q: Where do I buy swimming gear?

A: Many sport shops carry it. Some pools also carry equipment to sell. The Running Room at Millennium Place and Kinsmen have quite a bit of swimming gear. Online shops are also a great way to get reasonably priced gear for synchro.

Q: If my child is sick and can’t attend , who do I call last minute?

A: You can e-mail and the message will be delivered to your child's coach ASAP.

Q: If my child decides not to swim after being registered, do I get a full refund? (pre-comps)

A: No. The Synchro Alberta yearly fee is non-refundable. A $20 fee will apply to all withdrawals.  Once classes start, refunds will be pro-rated to the end of the 3rd class. After the 3rd class, no refunds will be issued. 

Q: If my child decides not to swim after being registered, do I get a full refund? (comp. programs)

A: No. The Synchro Alberta yearly fee is non-refundable. A $20 fee will apply to all withdrawals.  All other fees are refundable before  Jan. 1.  After Jan.1, refer to the Cancellation Policy in the Excel handbook.

Q: Can I pay by cheque or e-transer instead of directly on the website?

A: Yes, you can. Please contact us at to reserve a spot in the program. If you wish to pay by cheque(s), please bring them to the pool on the first day of classes. For e-transfers please contact

Q: Are there dates that we can come to try the program?

A: Yes there are. They are called “Bring a Friend Day. You can also try the program on the first day of class, given that there are open spots available. You will need to fill out the participant agreement prior to coming to try a class. Please contact to set up a trial day for your child.