Our vision is that children and youth have the opportunity to reach their full potential in the sport of Synchronized Swimming and that in doing so they will develop life skills that will make them better individuals in all aspects of their lives. We work within the framework Synchro Canada's Stream Model and  Long Term Athlete Development Program. This framework provides superior technical and artistic knowledge and, expertise that will have a lasting positive impact on the lives of our athletes, coaches, parents and all of our supporters.

Our mission is to provide a respectful, upbeat and enjoyable environment that allows all athletes, regardless of age or ability, to achieve their full potential in the sport of Synchronized Swimming. The club is committed to treating swimmers, parents, volunteers and coaches with respect. We are also committed to help swimmers grow in all aspects of their lives and to become well rounded and confident individuals.

We are a registered non-profit organization incorporated in 2012 with the mandate to provide Edmonton and surrounding areas with high level programs for synchronized swimmers in a fair and enjoyable environment. We provide synchronized swimming programs for beginners, provincial and national level athletes. We are governed by a board consisting of ex-swimmers, parents, business people, coaches, and members with experience in other sports.

Athlete Development Model

Helping kids progress to their potential in sports is both an art and a science.  Excel’s athlete development model:

  • is based on sound scientific proven practices;
  • is constantly evaluated and updated based upon new research;
  • is based on coaching excellence and enthusiasm for the sport;
  • utilizes a multidisciplinary approach;
  • is customized to each athlete’s unique needs, potential and abilities;
  • promotes holistic development of each person involved in the program.

Some of the pillar principles are based on the following research papers published by the Canadian Sport Centres:

Long Term Athlete Development 2.0
NEW in 2014!
The latest tool for all stages of an athlete's career. It also states that keeping kids active from an early age is a great way to keep them healthy.

Mental Fitness for Long-Term Athlete Development
By Canadian Sport Centres expert panel
Performing at all sports requires mental, physical, technical and tactical preparation. This resource provides guidelines to mental preparation for athletes in different age groups, including advice for parents.

Maximizing the Sport Experience for our Children
By Dina Bell-Laroche
A great paper that goes through what sports should teach our kids and what parents should expect from sports.

Recovery and Regeneration for Long-Term Athlete Development
By Angela Calder
This paper answers questions about how to maximize training experiences at each level of the athlete's career, defines optimal training and explains why an athlete can't train at 100% during every practice. It also reinforces the importance of rest in between training sessions.